Alternator & Starter Service in Oklahoma City

Alternator and Starter Services at Bob Moore Mazda

Alternator and Starter Services at Bob Moore Mazda

Alternators and starters are two of the several main components of your vehicle. Your alternator generates electricity to charge the battery of your vehicle, and your starter is a component that rotates to start the engine. Like any component of your vehicle, with consistent use both of these parts can wear out over time and eventually need repair or replacement. Finding yourself suddenly in the position of your vehicle not starting or your battery unable to charge can be a huge inconvenience, but luckily Bob Moore Mazda is ready to help you with your starter, alternator, and other mechanical and electrical systems. For residents of Edmond, Moore, Norman, and the rest of the Central Oklahoma region our service center has you covered.


About Alternators

Alternators play a huge role in the safe and efficient operation of your vehicle. Alternators act as a power source to help operate your vehicle’s electrical systems as well as to help charge your battery by converting mechanical energy to electrical energy. Within the alternator itself, its components generate an alternating current that charges your battery and is monitored by a voltage regulator to help prevent undercharging or overcharging your battery. Your alternator powers your vehicle’s electrical systems while your engine is on, including headlights, power windows, windshield wipers, dashboard lights and instruments, radio, and even your heated seats.

Signs your Alternator is Failing

Alternators are often a long-lasting part of your vehicle, but wear and tear, overheating, faulty surrounding components, and other issues may lead to a need for a replacement sooner than expected. Many signs of a bad alternator can initially look like problems with other components such as a dead battery or faulty starter. However, there are several tell-tale signs of a bad alternator, that generally begin with dim or overly bright indicator lights due to an inconsistent voltage being sent out. Lights that flicker, or go from bright to dim, can also be signs of a failing alternator. In the case of a dead battery, if you jumpstart your vehicle and it turns off a few minutes later, it’s a sign your alternator is unable to charge your battery. Sometimes, a failing alternator can be indicated by a burning smell, as additional friction on the alternator can often cause a worn-out belt which can smell like burning rubber.

Service at Bob Moore Mazda

Drivers throughout Oklahoma City can rest assured that even if their vehicle unexpectedly won’t turn on, Bob Moore Mazda has you covered with our Alternator and Starter services. If you’re driving to us from Tulsa or taking a short trip in from Yukon, our Service Center can help you stay charged up. Our expertly trained staff is ready to identify the heart of the issue, and make all necessary repairs and replacements using genuine Mazda parts to help keep your vehicle in its best condition. While you’re here, take advantage of our rotating menu of service specials, or keep your vehicle tuned up with an oil change or tire rotation.