Tire Rotation

Mazda Tire Rotation in Oklahoma City

Tire Rotation at Bob Moore Mazda

Your tires keep you going for thousands of miles. Keep them in good shape with the right kind of care, including tire rotations. You can get your tires rotated at Bob Moore Mazda. Regular tire rotations extend the life of your tires and ensure they are working to keep you safe.



Why Tire Rotation is Important

Rotating your tires means moving them from front to rear or side to side. This maintenance task is critical to your tires’ performance and longevity. It may also be required to keep the tires covered under a warranty.

The vehicle manufacturer will recommend how often the tires need to be rotated, but often it is around 5,000 miles. This task is often done when the oil is changed as an add-on service.

When the technician rotates your tires, they take the time to look at them. A visual inspection can alert you to any damage, such as a knot or worn tread. The technician will also check air pressure and get the tires rebalanced if they need it.

When tires are rotated regularly, it allows the tread to wear evenly. The tire grips the road as it should for better traction if the wear is even. How the tires wear depends on whether the vehicle is front- or rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The tires that are doing the most work will wear fastest.

Rotation Patterns

Not all vehicles have their tires rotated the same way. There are several patterns that the technician can use. They will decide which one works best based on the wear pattern and drive of the vehicle.

Tires are often rotated from the front to the rear and vice versa. The tires may be placed on the other side, such as is with a crisscross pattern. Often either the front or rear cross with the other set moving in a straight pattern.

In an X-pattern, both front and rear wheels will cross each other. They may also switch in a direct line or move from one side to the other. In some cases, only the front or rear tires are rotated with the other set remaining in the same position.

Take Care of Your Tires

If it’s been a while since you’ve had your tires rotated, make an appointment with Bob Moore Mazda. Let the service team inspect your tires and get them rotated. They will let you know if they need rebalanced or if it’s about time to replace the tires with a new set.

You’ll find a nice variety of tires in all sizes and various brands right here at Bob Moore Mazda. We have something to fit almost every budget. Let us keep you out on the road on tires you can rely on.

Stop by Bob Moore Mazda, give us a call, or use our online scheduler to set up an appointment for a tire rotation. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service for every customer with any vehicle issue, so let us take care of you.