Synthetic Oil Change Service Near Mustang, OK

Synthetic Oil Change in near Mustang, OK

Synthetic Oil Change Near Mustang, OK For $59.95

Replacing your vehicle’s motor oil regularly is a crucial part of extending the life of your engine. Switching over to synthetic oil can be an even bigger game-changer. When you receive a synthetic oil change, you get better gas mileage, a smoother performance, and better protection against engine wear. Come by Bob Moore Mazda near Mustang, OK for a synthetic oil change at just $59.95.

Why Choose Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil is a man-made product that is produced from a combination of highly engineered substances. There are a variety of benefits to using synthetic motor oil over conventional oil. When you receive a synthetic oil change, your vehicle gets better viscosity retention, stability, sludge prevention, and lubrication. You can even go longer in between oil changes when you start using synthetic oil. Having to change your vehicle’s oil less frequently can save you money in the long run while keeping your vehicle running as smoothly as ever.

The Myth About Synthetic Leaks

Synthetic oil in the 1970s wasn’t as refined and highly engineered as it is today. This caused engine seals made of certain materials to degrade at a fast rate. When this happened, small leaks would occur. Today, synthetic oil is made better than ever before and can actually help detect leaks that were preexisting while simultaneously protecting engine seals. Switching from conventional motor oil to synthetic oil can help clear up any leftover conventional oil build-up that may have been blocking existing leaks. If you’re in the Mustang area, bring your vehicle by and switch over to synthetic oil. Your vehicle will thank you.

Why Are Regular Oil Changes Important?

The oil inside your vehicle takes out harmful contaminants and small amounts of water as it passes through the engine. The oil then starts to break down, losing its ability to take away water and harmful contaminants from the engine. As this happens, the oil can no longer protect the engine and can end up harming the engine if left unreplaced. Along with your vehicle’s motor oil is an oil filter. The filter is in charge of collecting dirt and other debris from the oilers it passes through. The more the filter collects over time, the more it starts to degrade and can no longer collect damaging particles from the oil, and it must be changed along with the oil. Changing your oil as recommended by the experts can help save your vehicle in many ways.

Time for an Oil Change?

When is the last time you brought your car in for a synthetic oil change? Generally, synthetic oil is changed around 7,500 miles, or sooner if your vehicle’s oil light turns on. Don’t forget to check your vehicle’s owner’s manual as well. Each manufacturer has different recommendations for synthetic oil changes. Our team of professionals at Bob Moore Mazda’s service center will be more than happy to help you figure out when your next synthetic oil change will be. Some synthetic motor oil can be changed every 5,000 miles, while others can wait for up to 15,000 miles, so don’t hesitate to schedule an oil service with the experts when you’re near Mustang, OK.


Drivers of the Mustang area know the only place to get a synthetic oil change for $59.95 is at Bob Moore Mazda.