Suspension Service

Suspension Service in Oklahoma City

Suspension Service at Bob Moore Mazda

You drive to work and home, to your kid’s soccer game, or for a weekend getaway and you enjoy the smooth ride of your Mazda. You may not think about all the components that work together to provide that smooth, stable ride. Your suspension system is doing its job if you don’t notice bumps in the road or potholes.

The suspension system includes the struts, shocks, and wheel axles. All these components connect the wheels to the body of the vehicle. When your suspension needs repaired, you can bring it to Bob Moore Mazda for fast, accurate repairs.

When to Have Your Suspension Repaired

Your suspension has a tough job to do. It provides stability for the vehicle even over rough roads while ensuring comfort for the passengers. Over time, the components of this system can become worn or damaged and need to be replaced. How do you know it’s time to replace your suspension parts? Here are a few signs that your suspension needs a checkup.

  • There’s more bounce in your ride. You’ll notice that the vehicle bounces up and down or from side to side as you drive.
  • Strange sounds come from your vehicle. Every time you hit a bump, you’ll hear a squeaking or other odd sound because the suspension isn’t holding everything in place as it should.
  • Coming to a stop when braking takes longer. If your brakes are still in good shape and your car travels further before coming to a stop, it probably means you need suspension repair.
  • The vehicle leans to one side or tilts. If the vehicle is lower in the front or back or if you see one side appears to tilt, it means the shocks or struts aren’t working correctly.

You’ll also notice that your vehicle moves differently. It may take a nosedive when you try to brake or drag when you press down on the accelerator. Also, look at the struts and shocks to see if oil or grease is leaking.

Suspension Safety

The first indication for many owners that their suspension isn’t working correctly is a less comfortable, bouncier ride. However, a worn or damaged suspension system can pose a safety risk. Since stopping can take longer when you apply the brakes, you are at a higher risk of hitting another vehicle or sliding out into traffic.

Since the suspension system isn’t working as well as it should, the vehicle has less stability. You have a higher risk of a rollover, especially in high winds or when hit by another vehicle. When the service technicians check your suspension, they will also look at related systems, including your tires and wheels, as well as the steering.

If you’ve noticed problems with steering, a bouncy ride, or other issues, have your suspension system looked at by the team at Bob Moore Mazda in Oklahoma City. Schedule an appointment online or give us a call to set a time that works for you. Let our service team keep you safely on the road.