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Mazda Oil Change in Oklahoma City

Oil Change at Bob Moore Mazda

Keep your Mazda running smoothly and performing the way it should with regular oil changes. An oil change is one of the most important and often neglected routine maintenance tasks for vehicles. At Bob Moore Mazda, we make it easy to get your oil changed on a regular basis.

My Mazda Oil

Save money when you get your oil changed at Bob Moore Mazda with MyMazda Oil. This offer allows you to get money off your next oil change with every synthetic or conventional oil change performed at a participating Mazda dealer.

The first step is to register at MyMazdaOil.com. After getting an oil change, you enter the required information within 30 days to get an email offer for $15 off a synthetic oil change of $10 off a conventional oil change the next time you have this service done.

You can get this offer for up to 3 times per year per vehicle registered. Even brands other than Mazda will qualify as long as you get the oil change done at a participating Mazda dealer. Fleet owners also qualify for this offer as long as they provide unique VINs for each model.

Why an Oil Change is Important

Getting your oil changed on a regular basis is important to keep the engine working efficiently. The oil acts as a lubricant while the oil filter prevents dirt and grime from getting into the engine and moving components.

Over time, the oil loses its viscosity, which means it is less effective at lubricating the parts. Without the oil to keep things moving along, friction increases, which causes more wear and tear on the vehicle. When the filter gets clogged, it prevents the oil from getting through to do its job.

Without regular oil changes, the engine must work harder, which will cause it to wear out sooner. For a longer life of your engine and all moving parts, get your oil changed as recommended by the manufacturer.

Getting Your Oil Changed

How often your oil needs changed will depend on how much you drive it and what kind of oil you use. Synthetic oil lasts longer, which means you don’t need your oil changed as often. If you drive mostly highway miles, you can usually go longer between changes.

It’s always best to follow manufacturer’s recommendations for your model. If you aren’t sure, you can talk to the service team at Bob Moore Mazda. They will help you determine how often you need the oil changed.

Regular oil changes is one of the best ways to keep your Mazda in optimal performance and efficiency. When it’s time for an oil change, you may notice your vehicle seems more sluggish and it loses its efficiency.

Mazda makes it easier and more affordable to get your oil changed with MyMazda Oil. Stop in for an oil change at Bob Moore Mazda today or go online to schedule an appointment at your convenience. Let us help you care for your Mazda for many years or reliable service.