Alignment Service

Wheel Alignment in Oklahoma City

Alignment Service at Bob Moore Mazda

Keeping your Mazda in prime running condition is important for optimal performance and safety. A tire or wheel alignment is one service you need to monitor, especially if you drive over rough roads or the occasional curb.

Proper alignment for your vehicle allows you and your passengers to enjoy a smooth ride. The alignment is how your wheels sit on the road. If they turn in or out or are at the wrong angle, your tires may wear out faster and not have the best grip on the road. An alignment adjusts the wheels back to the original specs for maximum performance. Another benefit to proper alignment is improved gas mileage and a longer life for your tires.



How to Know If the Alignment is Wrong

One of the best ways to know when it is time for an alignment is when you notice that your vehicle is more difficult to drive. You may have to pull more on the steering wheel to keep it in a straight line. By the time you’re struggling to hold the vehicle on the road, you need a serious alignment. More subtle indications include the following:

  • The vehicle pulls to the right or left even when you’re driving straight
  • The steering wheel is turned to one side even when traveling straight
  • The tread of the tires isn’t wearing evenly; it wears on one side more than the other

If you notice any of these signs, you need to schedule an appointment with Bob Moore Mazda.

What Causes a Misalignment?

Over time, you can expect to need your tires realigned. Some drivers require it sooner or more often. An accident or a hard impact with a solid surface can cause your wheels to get out of alignment. For instance, you may run over a curb or hit a barrier hard enough to alter the alignment. Running over potholes or hitting debris on the highway can also mess up the alignment.

Changes in your vehicle can alter the wheel angles, such as lifting or lowering the vehicle, replacing the suspension, or getting new tires. If you make any of these changes, you should have the alignment checked on your vehicle.

Checking the Wheel Alignment

When a service technician checks the alignment of the wheels, they are looking at three areas.

  • Camber – This is how the tires appear when someone stands in front of them. If they turn inward or outward, an adjustment is needed. Just think of having your toes point in or out to give you an analogy. A problem here may mean the wheel bearings have worn and need to be replaced. Another sign is the tread is lower on one side of the tire than in the center.
  • Toe – This is how the tires are angled when you look down from above the vehicle with them turning inward or outward. The tire edge may be sharp on one side, which is an indication that tires weren’t rotated regularly or inflated properly.
  • Caster – This alignment controls the steering to provide stability. The steering axis is checked from the side view.

If you need your tires aligned or want to have them checked, contact Bob Moore Mazda for an appointment. Let us help keep you safe on the road!