Automotive A/C Service Near Oklahoma City

Vehicle A/C Service in Oklahoma City

A/C Service & Repair at Bob Moore Mazda

Chances are, the last thing you need is someone explaining why you need your car’s air conditioning to work right. You know what your A/C is for. All you have to do is slide behind the wheel after your car has been parked in the sun on a hot day. There are a lot more reasons to have your car’s A/C system serviced than just simply keeping it cool inside. That’s because, to work properly, your A/C system depends on a lot of other systems to be in good condition. If you believe that your vehicle’s A/C system isn’t working properly, bring your vehicle to the certified technicians at Bob Moore Mazda in Oklahoma City to do a diagnostic test.

Benefits of A/C Service and Repair

A working A/C system adds a lot of heat under the hood. That additional heat could easily cause problems if your cooling system isn’t working properly. Another thing the A/C adds is load. The A/C compressor operates from engine rotation through a fan belt, often the same belt that drives your car’s water pump, alternator, and power steering. If that belt’s a little worn or loose, it might still drive the other devices, but the A/C adds a lot of load to the system. That additional load could be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back. If that belt breaks, it could do more than shut your A/C off, it could leave you stranded.

Common Signs your A/C is Having Issues

When your vehicle’s air conditioner isn’t working properly, you can look for three signs that something might be wrong. First, is your A/C blowing hot air? Hot air coming from your A/C could mean there’s a major problem. When water gets into your A/C, it combines with refrigerant and creates a highly corrosive acid that literally eats away at the parts of your A/C system. The acid can ruin rubber seals that prevent the refrigerant from leaking. A funky smell coming from the A/C may mean it’s time for a check-up! It could mean mold- and, therefore water is present, or it might be a damp or dirty cabin filter. The third clue could be weak airflow. Excess moisture in the evaporator core could cause the building of mold and other debris that block airflow into the interior of your car. A loss of air pressure may also signal that there’s a restriction in the evaporator core or the blower motor is failing.

What Does A/C Service Consist Of?

Your vehicle’s air conditioner relies on refrigerant and many mechanical devices to create cool air. A/C service includes checking the level of the refrigerant and its function to either top it off or replace it. In addition, the compressor and other components are inspected, cleaned, and lubricated as needed to ensure that they are functioning at their peak to keep you cool. If any issues are located during the inspection, our pros will explain the findings and provide you with the cost of repair options. Correcting simple problems like low refrigerant quickly can avoid the expense of replacing a damaged compressor later.

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