Mazda Connect

Mazda Connect

Mazda Connect was created to allow drivers to integrate devices and connectivity via a single platform in their new Mazda vehicle. By reducing the number of devices requiring input to control things like the car’s climate, navigation, and entertainment features, the driver can devote more attention and focus on their surroundings. The goal is to provide the features and applications that drivers want and need while also reducing the potential for distracted driving. To begin using Mazda Connect, you will need to set complete the MYMAZDA account registration.

The Intuitive Mazda Connect Home Screen

Rather than relying solely on a touchscreen, Mazda has created intuitive controls for the platform. Using the large knob to index selections allows the driver to look at the road while adjusting by touch, rather than on a touchscreen that requires at least a glance. The control knobs are placed strategically within the drivers reach for easy adjustments. Additional access is offered via the shortcut buttons, volume knob, and steering wheel controls.

Home Screen Communication and Notifications

By connecting your mobile device via Bluetooth, Mazda Connect can be used to make hands-free calls. The communication menu also has access to your favorites list, call history, and contacts. When Message Sync is turned on, a text message notification will appear on the Mazda Connect screen with the options to read or ignore. Once paired with your new Mazda, you can also access the phone remote start feature.

Home Screen Information

The information screen is designed to function much like a digital owner’s manual and warning system. Fuel status and efficiency allow you to view current consumption rates and your fuel consumption history over time. The vehicle status monitoring system provides information about issues or immediate problems, such as telling you to check gauges. You can also access information regarding the next required service, maintenance details, or the suggested date for the next service appointment.

Home Screen Entertainment

The entertainment tab offers a variety of options for listening to music or playing videos. The source list includes:

  • Radio – AM/FM radio service
  • SiriusXM – Subscription satellite service from SiriusXM
  • Pandora – Internet radio
  • Bluetooth Streaming Audio – Pair your mobile device to listen to music from your library
  • USB Multimedia – Connect your device via USB cable to play music or videos from your library

Home Screen Navigation

This navigation feature provides turn by turn directions, 3D maps, and more on your home screen. This feature does require an optional dealer-installed SD card.

Home Screen Settings

This menu allows you to customize your vehicle and systems to your preferences. The following options can be managed in settings:

Door Locks

  • Exterior Lighting
  • Interior Lighting
  • Rain-Sensing Wipers
  • Automatic Folding Side Mirrors
  • Turn Signals
  • Rear Window Defogger
  • Link Seat and Climate Control Temperatures
  • Fuel Door Lock Delay
  • Bluetooth Settings
  • Smartphone Connectivity Setting
  • Clock
  • Voice Recognition Settings
  • Language
  • Temperature
  • Distance/Speed
  • Pressure
  • Use Gracenote Database Album Art
  • Gracenote Database Update
  • System Information
  • Restore All Factory Settings


To learn more about the Mazda Connect feature, visit Bob Moore Mazda.